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¿What is MGNET?
It's a simple magnet torrent shortener.

URL shortener for magnet links is a URL shortener for magnet links. It works exactly like a traditional URL shortener. In this case you paste the original magnet link and obtain the shortened URL. In addition to the shortened URL, you also get a webpage link that has a direct button to tweet or share to anybody.

¿How to use
Search, shorten and share with everyone

short any magnet link

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We recommend to search in SkyTorrents

short any magnet link

Shorten your magnet link

You can set a custom alias to generate a public list with your links and get all your shorten links at any time.

short any magnet link

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Finally you can share and place your link whatever you want.


¿Why use MGNET?
It is a simple way to share your torrents

short any magnet link

Shorten any magnet link

With our system, you can shorten any magnet link, and make your content very easy to download for your audicence.

short any magnet link

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Share magnet torrents links in blogs, your website, forums or social media.

short any magnet link

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